BTS in a promotional image for McDonald’s. (2021)

The BTS Meal: Thoughts From a Fangirl.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, I’m going to assume you have at least heard the name BTS around the internet. To give you the basic information, BTS is a South Korean boy band that has become incredibly popular worldwide. They are widely know for their music, vocals, dance skills, and their message of promoting self love. Just how popular are they you may ask? Well, anytime they mention a certain product they like, for example a chapstick, that product will sell out in minutes. Which is why I was not surprised when it was announced that McDonald’s would be collaborating with the group on a special meal, known as, “The BTS Meal.”

Since last year, McDonald’s has been partnering with musicians to create their own meals, usually just a combination of that artists favorite items on the menu. First with hip-hop artist Travis Scott, and then with reggaeton singer J Balvin. Both of these meals did fairly well from my understanding, but I never tried them. Celebrity endorsement is nothing new, every major company in the world does it, but sometime it doesn’t have much affect on sales. In my opinion, partnering with BTS was a good marketing move for the famous golden arches.

BTS has been the hottest musical act for the past few years, so of course you would want to build on that. Not only was McDonalds releasing this special meal, but they also announced special merchandise that can be bought on the Weverse app (a popular fan community and shopping app). From my perspective, marketing food and clothing to this demographic was a pretty smart way to make money. Now am I, as an ARMY (BTS’s fandom name), a little upset that our fandom is being used to make a fast food chain money? A little. Despite my mentioning of it being a smart move, no one likes to be used for money. Did I still spend money to buy the actual meal itself? You bet I did, I was too curious!

So what was the actual meal like? “The BTS Meal” is a 10 piece chicken McNugget, with medium fries, a medium Coca-Cola, and two limited edition sauces only available with the meal: cajun and sweet chili. While most people were upset that the meal would just be chicken McNuggets, I was ecstatic because those are my go to item at any fast food chain. I also really liked that these sauces were unique to BTS and actually something worth trying. So even though we wouldn’t be getting a new food item, we at least had these new sauces to spice it up!

I originally planned to order myself the meal for lunch, but my boyfriend was also curious so I order us both a meal for dinner. I went to the McDonald’s closest to our apartment and ordered my meals while jamming out to BTS’s music in my car. I had to wait a few extra minutes because they were making the chicken and fries fresh, something that brought me joy because no one likes mushy McDonald’s fries. When I brought the food home, my hunger was killing me and the smell of the hot food in my bag was making my mouth water. I would quickly like to mention that I did not get the special packaging that some locations have had that are purple with the BTS logo on it. I’m not sure if that specific location didn’t receive the packaging like others or if they just ran out. I wasn’t heartbroken to not have cute packaging, but it would’ve been extra cute for my photos.

My BTS Meal, before I absolutely destroyed it.

The most important thing to really talk about in the meal is the sauces, which are bomb. I wish I could think of a better way to explain it, but all I can say is that they are bomb! I was already expecting to like the sweet chili sauce because I have tried it with other foods before, and I was right. The sweet chili sauce was tangy and spicy, but not too spicy for my tastebuds. The cajun sauce was the one I was unsure of. I never had a cajun sauce before and I didn’t know what I was preparing to eat. To my surprise, I think I ended up like the cajun sauce a bit more than the sweet chili. It wasn’t all that spicy, and it ended up reminding me a lot of honey mustard. The cajun sauce was creamy and full of delightful flavors. My boyfriend also really liked the sauces, the cajun being his favorite. He was actually surprised at how good the sauces went with the meal in general. Both sauces complemented the nuggets and fries well, and my belly was full by the time I finished.

So, is “The BTS Meal” worth it? I’d say yes for the special sauces, which I hope McDonald’s will consider adding to the actual menu for a little more variety. While it’s alright to spend money on a special meal endorsed and created by your favorite musical acts, I wish McDonalds would use it as a chance to actually create and try out new foods, instead of just adding specials sauces or one item to an already existing item on the menu. Wouldn’t it have been cool if we had a Korean inspired burger or meal on the menu? And McDonald’s, could you have least added a free BTS photo-card to the meal? I’m kidding, but it would have been really cool. As a fan of BTS, I’m just happy to see them reaching a global audience and to see them reaching this massive level of fame. I’m proud, and I’m curious to see what they will endorse next. So my dear readers, try “The BTS Meal”, stream BTS’s new song “Butter”, and have a great day!

Writer’s Note: This post was not affiliated with McDonald’s. No one asked me to write this, I’m just a fangirl who wanted to share her thought’s and opinion’s on this meal. Thank you for reading! :)